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Oleg Deripaska, who is said to be a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is considered one of Russia 's wealthiest men.Born in 1968 in the city of Dzerzhinsk, some 250 miles east of Moscow, Deripaska attended But when the financial crisis hit he almost went bankrupt before bouncing back - with the help of the Kremlin, according to some reports.Billionaire Oleg Deripaska (in blue) and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko (glasses) were reportedly filmed by an escort on Deripaska's private yacht in 2016; Alexei Navalny, a thorn in the Kremlin's side, claims this is evidence of corruption The videos and photos of Deripaska and Prikhodko on the yacht first emerged on the social media accounts of Anastasiya Vashukevich (pictured on the yacht on the day in question with Deripaska), a woman working as an escort under the name Nastya Rybka Deripaska won an order from the Ust-Labinsk district court in his native Krasnodar region which ordered 14 Instagram posts and seven You Tube videos that 'breach his right to privacy' must be removed, according to Bloomberg Quint.

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Instagram and You Tube may be blocked in Russia unless videos that allegedly show the Deputy Prime Minister meeting an oligarch linked to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and discussing the US on a luxury yacht are removed.

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko were reportedly filmed by an escort on Deripaska's private yacht in 2016, which the Russian opposition, led by Alexei Navalny, claim is evidence of corruption and bribery.

When she was young, she spent a month on a Russian whaling boat, and after this, she hates the country.

Navalny speculates during his You Tube video that the meeting could have had something to do with Paul Manafort's (left) relationship with Deripaska; The Russian duo can also be heard discussing Victoria Nuland (right), who was the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs during the Obama administration On Tuesday, Miss Rybka had put it to a vote among her Instagram followers, who, she claims, convinced her not to take down the videos and pictures.

In 2016, Forbes ranked Deripaska as Russia's 41st wealthiest man.

You tube anastasia dating

He hit the headlines in 2017 when he was found to have ties with Paul Manfort, President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman.

However as of Wednesday, she appears to have deleted the offending images and videos.

Deripaska filed suit after Mr Navlny’s investigation and accused My Rybka of illegally using private images.

A report claimed million was transferred from Oguster Management Ltd – a company owned by Deripaska – to Yiakora Ventures Ltd - entities linked to Manafort.

Manafort denied that any business he did with Deripaska a decade ago was related to helping the Russian government.


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