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While it’s not the deadline for your retirement, your ‘normal retirement date’ does play a part in establishing windows of eligibility for retirement options.Note: as you read the questions and answers below, attend to whether ‘normal retirement date’ or ‘retirement date’ (i.e., the actual date on which you retire) is referenced.

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$100,000 x 0.5 ÷ 5 = $10,000 However, in the event of a notification of amendment to the Pension Plan, the notice period for retirement may be less than 9 months if, following the notification of the Pension Plan amendments, the 9 month notice period would not enable you to retire on a 1 July or 1 January prior to the implementation of the Pension Plan amendment.

It is crucial that you seek financial and other advice prior to retiring.

YUFA members have free access to these sources of retirement advice: YUFA is responsible for bargaining the terms and conditions of retirement for all members including retirees.

"Remedies will be provided for students to complete their year if their classes are cancelled or they cannot or do not want to cross a picket line; libraries, student services, athletic facilities, restaurants and other food services, and administration offices will continue to be available to students," the statement reads."The University is committed to taking all possible steps to enable students to complete their program requirements in a timely fashion and is aware of the needs and concerns of students intending to graduate this spring.

Academic accommodations will be made as needed," it continued.

These are detailed in Article 14 of the Collective Agreement.

Only those engaged in paid post-retirement work remain voting members of YUFA, and ordinarily YUFA can only grieve on behalf of those members engaged in paid work.

By joining the Association of Retired Faculty and Librarians (ARFL), you become an associate member of YUFA with the right to receive communications from YUFA and to attend YUFA meetings, but not to vote.

Once you’re 55, you can receive a pension from the York Pension Fund.


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