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We are hearing of people who were previously a contractor [or civilian] in the recent past [even if you left the job] are still classified this way.This may be a reason why you cannot access your webmail.

--Another person had to modify this registry key instead: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Activ Identity \ Security Module MW \ Discovery Provider \ Card Edge \ PIVIgnored Extensions \ Value 1 (Right click modify WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow) users, please take note: Recently the Wide Area Workflow website updated and moved to CAC / certificate only logon.

If a Dual-Persona user has the Activ Client setting changed, the WAWF website will not correctly read their Do D x.509 certificate (They will receive a 'No Certificates Found! If you are a Dual Persona and need to access both Enterprise Email and WAWF, you MUST undo the Activ Client setting (change back to YES) and activate your PIV certificate via the RAPIDS Self Service website.

Read more here (I've not been unable to figure out which exact URL needs to be in the exceptions list.

So, the recommendation is to uninstall Java (if your version is above 8 update 11), restart computer, then install from the links below.

If you select the 16 digit during login, you will get either Do D visitor, or Credentials cannot be verified error message.

users need to update to the latest version, then modify the following registry key for this option: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Activ Identity \ Activ Client \ Card Discover \ Card Edge \ Default Card Edge =1 -- Activ Client update version of and above show your PIV automatically.

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NOTE: Java 7 update 71 is the last version that I know works and allows you to set Security to Medium.

This is needed for the DMDC PIV activation site to work.


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