Xml error validating datastore indexes xml against datastore indexes xsd

Indexing the XML column benefits query performance.For illustration, assume that government regulations require you to retain exact textual copies of your XML documents.SQL Server provides the required functionality and tools you may need.

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Some of the values from your XML data can be stored in relational columns, and the rest, or the whole XML value stored in an XML column.

This may yield better performance in that you have more control over the indexes created on the relational columns and locking characteristics.

XML bulk load can be used to populate the underlying tables by using the XML view.

You can query the XML view by using XPath version 1.0; the query is translated to SQL queries on the tables.

Product manuals contain a large amount of mixed content, diagrams, and technical material; the data is semi-structured.

Users may want to perform a contextual search for topics of interest such as searching for the section on "clustered index" within the chapter on "indexing", and query technical quantities.Therefore, row-level locking causes all XML instances in the row to be locked.When the granularity is large, locking large XML instances for updates causes throughput to decline in a multiuser scenario.Define an XML view by using AXSD over the relational data.The XML view allows you to bulk load XML data into your tables and query and update the relational data by using the XML view.However, you cannot create an XML index on a computed, XML column, nor can an XML index be built on [n]varchar(max) or varbinary(max) columns.By defining a mapping between your XML schemas and the tables in a database, you create an "XML view" of your persistent data.The granularity of the XML data stored in an XML column is very important for locking and, to a lesser degree, it is also important for updates.SQL Server uses the same locking mechanism for both XML and non-XML data.XML is a good choice if you want a platform-independent model in order to ensure portability of the data by using structural and semantic markup.Additionally, it is an appropriate option if some of the following properties are satisfied: is a recursive element.


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