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Then Click Show/hide under View pane and tick on Hidden items.3) Go to C:\Users\Local State\Assets Select all the files in Assets folder, then click Delete under Home pane.1)Run Command Prompts as administrator a) Type CMD in search box from Start menu b) Right-click on Command Prompts app on the top and click Run as administrator c) Click YES when prompted by UAC ( USER ACCOUNT CONTROL ) 2) Type the commands blow and hit Enter one by one a) Type dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and hit Enter b) Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter c) Type powershell and hit Enter d) Type Get-App XPackage -All Users |Where-Object | Foreach and hit Enter Personalization b) Choose Picture or Slideshow to be background under Lock screen pane.

Microsoft has pulled instructions that previously offered Xbox One owners a way to update their console without connecting to the Internet.

The company had previously listed a 20-step guide for downloading the latest Xbox One firmware to a USB stick and then using that to update the console, but the company has now pulled the instructions and the associated files.

One of the features that’s not essential but impacts the overall impression must be Microsoft Spotlight.

For you that don’t know, Microsoft Spotlight basically automatically switches wallpapers for your Lock Screen.

However, it seems that the Creators Update ruined the experience for some users. We prepared the list of the possible solutions that should help you resolve Spotlight issues. The first step you should take is to check the connection.

The Spotlight feature is dependable on the internet connection and without it, you won’t be able to get yourself that special nature scenery.

I have my Xbox One set up to automatically download and install updates, the rest of my settings are shown below: Is there a reason my games will show an update symbol on their tile, but they still don't download the update until I start the game manually?

I found a line in the xbox support docs that is, at least for me, inaccurate.

This is how to find and delete image files from the folder: The problem should be resolved.

However, if it’s not, your best bet is our final solution.


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