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Users can then select the groups and events that they are already members of and "unlock" their dating profiles for those activities, allowing them to view other users who have similarly unlocked themselves.

The service will recommend matches "based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends," according to a statement from the company.

If you're looking for another gym rat, great; if you just mentioned the gym on your profile to appear like you take good care of yourself, it's not working. " writes Alyssa, 42, in this hilarious Dating Mommies post that includes the above picture.

One 29-year-old man said he got a message saying "I don't want to sound like a whore but would you want to go out some time? When a message apologizes for its very existence, "I can already imagine the awkward, self-conscious date," said Marlen, 26. Let's make it happen.' Ummm, no." Try Adult Friend Finder."You and your XBox? In addition, "any form of transportation in a profile photo" is a deal breaker for Carol: "If your car, boat, motorcycle, etc.

This is similar to mechanisms that Tinder and Hinge employ, wherein if you're logged in to those services via Facebook, you won't be shown the profiles of people you've friended.

If the user finds someone they're interested in, the service offers a discrete text-only messaging service (to hinder the sending of dick pics and spam).

In fact, existing dating apps that leverage the Facebook API will already raise an alert if you and the the person you're swiping right on have mutual FB friends.

Facebook appears to simply be cutting out the middleman (in this case Tinder, Hinge, et al) and monetizing the service for itself.

"People who use the terms in their profiles 'love to laugh' or 'don't take life too seriously' are just not going to be a match for me," said Vanessa, 47.

Laura, 36, echoed this sentiment:"I noticed a lot of guys on online dating profiles say they want a woman (actually, they usually say "girl" a lot, which also is a bit annoying), who "doesn't take herself too seriously." I see this A LOT (or similar things).


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