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Driver updates are a seriously overlooked area in keeping your users happy. Check out the number of entries in the Microsoft Update Catalog for version .4627. And each one is there for a reason - because Microsoft can't consolidate all the variants and OS combinations into one specific update.Some manufacturers have special update tools you can leverage, but they eventually abandon updating them, and require their own special administration by IT. Unfortunately, the most backwards and arcane part of WSUS is drivers. The problem is that driver packages can support tens or hundreds of different device variants across many Windows versions. Some of this is architectural limitation, some of this is because you can't approve updates per OS version. You're probably asking, "Okay, so I found the drivers to import.Aoac operations will be ignored.2016-10-17 :976 856 6dc Agent * WU client version 7.9.9600.183402016-10-17 :976 856 6dc Agent WARNING: Sleep Study Tracker: Machine is non-AOAC.

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The machines in there get audited once in a while to verify that they NEED to be in there, we don't want end-user workstations in there because they hate having to log out of Outlook once a month.

We have a WSUS server in our environment that works through Microsoft System Center 2012. Primary Site needs a Software Update Point central administration site and all child primary sites must have a software update point where you will deploy software updates" Hi, You need to look at your selection rules and the patches themselves.

I have a large amount of updates that I am attempting to send to a collection of PCs, but they do not seem to be deploying. The log is saying: Attempting to install 0 updates No actionable updates for install task Effectively "nothing to see hear move along".

This is expected; Unfortunately Microsoft does not really test this kind of scenario when certifying drivers.

Use a test group before approving each update on your server.


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