Why wont flirt4free open

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If you are using Chrome/Firefox browsers, please add the extension manually using the directions below.I'm trying to debug a site on my i Phone4 (i OS4) i Pad1 (i OS3.3) and desktop.

Should real competition be allowed on e Bay (such as Google Checkout), Pay Pal would loose enough business to endanger Pay Pal's business as a whole.Due to ongoing issues with Google Extension policies, we have stopped using Google Chrome.We have created our own browser, with the built-in extension.If even that then doesnt work you could set up a bookmark which redirected you to a different random=14361 number each time to they are all effectively unique calls - but then we're getting into silly territory!I'd like to have a proper solution but when I'm developing JS webapps I've found that sometimes everything refreshes properly for a while, then sometimes it doesnt...My problem is I cannot clear the i Phone cache at all.If I add alerts/consoles to the js files I'm debugging, they show up on i Pad and desktop, but the i Phone just keeps reloading from the cache.In this section you'll learn a few things about Pay Pal that just might explain why they are the company they are today.Pay Pal's public face is very different from the private Pay Pal that many of us never see.If a buyer goes through Pay Pal's system, Pay Pal will see to it the buyer wins the dispute just to avoid a chargeback! Pay Pal's entire system revolves around making the buyer or seller pay for Pay Pal's mistake or obligations. Pay Pal wants to be the biggest and the best, but they cannot fight fraud. Since Pay Pal cannot fight fraud: catch the fraud while letting us honest persons go about our business with no problems, Pay Pal said it must make a choice: " In configuring our product, we face an inherent trade-off between customer convenience and security." Do you think they chose "customer Convenience" or do you think they chose "security"?Yes..chose to accept your money and business and then charge you guilty until your proved your innocence!


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