Why am i not dating material

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You can tell if you’re ready to date by watching how you change around men. These signs, that mean you’re definitely in the market for a real, lasting love: You have reached a stage in your life where finding or going after true love is far more valuable than the obstacles (read heart breaks) on the way.If you find that you’re often trying to change something about yourself thinking it will make you more attractive to the guy you just met, then you are, like I was, lacking in self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Your focus is clear and straight – to reach out to that one soul who is meant to share his/her soul with you.

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No obstacle or trouble or grief or sorrow can put you down for long.

You are raring to go and experience life intensely and fully.

So how do you know if you’re ready for a relationship before you start one with either the wrong guy or Mr. If you’re showing any of these warning signs, it means you have some work to do on yourself before you can be in a healthy, happy relationship with someone else: Your great-guy compass is off.

It’s consistently pointing you to the wrong type of guy.

If you find yourself still dealing with the emotional scars left from the shrapnel of a previous breakup, particularly if you’re still feeling angry then you need to finish your emotional healing before starting a new relationship.

Many women believe that a man – sometimes any man – will get their mind off of their ex and into a better place. What it will do is keep your mind off of the man that you’re now starting a relationship with, cause you to feel guilty, cause him (and maybe you, too) to feel resentful, and generally make a big mess for everyone. If you find yourself trying to be something other than what you naturally are, then it’s a major red flag.

And as much as misery loves company, misery plus misery doubles the misery. And while that may still make for a good movie (think: As Good as it Gets), it’s no fun in real life.

If you’re for someone to come save you, you aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

It may stem from a variety of sources but the end result is that you will wind up with exactly what you’re looking for, a real project.

Which, when translated means someone with some serious personal problems of their own.


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