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But the blast shows Serena, who is Dan’s girlfriend at this time, buying a pregnancy test, thus sending the entire school (and Dan’s dad) into a tailspin. Oh, and then there’s this gem about Blair later in the episode:“Looks like the Virgin Queen isn’t as pure as she pretended to be. She spread lies instead.” Dan Humphrey: redefining since 2007.So Dan and Serena get back together at the start of season two, but Dan really wants to keep it a secret.

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But in the end, nobody wins, because Dan and Nate both passive-aggressively start dating other girls before Serena gets back from Paris. So Dan is at Blair’s clearly doomed wedding to douchey prince Louis, standing right up at the altar, definitely not typing.

So what's in this poll for Dan, other than the probability of public humiliation when Nate inevitably beats him? Like really though, does he think the bricks have eyes? Then comes this Gossip Girl blast:“Afternoon, Upper East Siders. Right as Blair finishes her walk up the aisle, a Gossip Girl blast comes out with a video of Blair confessing her love for Chuck.

Well we know all their secrets, and we're totally here to tell.

(Incidentally, among other projects, Blake Lively had two kids and starred in a shark movie and Leighton Meester appeared alongside Then: Blair and Serena were no doubt the Upper East Side's main attraction, but poor little rich boys Nate and Chuck made for fun sideshows (and, at times, sidepieces).

Her character went on "indefinite hiatus" during the show's fourth season (as noted above), but did return for the grand finale.

She continues to front The Pretty Reckless and enjoy copious amounts of black eyeliner.

Oh, right — because he’s a terrible excuse for a human and has already been pulling that nonsense with Serena for five seasons.

Right after ruining the wedding and letting Chuck take the blame, Dan whisks Blair away and Nice Guys her all the way to the airport, presumably cackling under his breath like the supervillain he is.

Once again, Dan is stunned by a Gossip Girl update that reveals Georgina’s chillin’ on a beach while he’s taking care of her baby. Serena wakes up in a seedy hotel room after an overdose, and Dan is the only person who believes her when she says she’s been framed. That conversation happened about five minutes earlier, so unless Dan did some incredibly speedy typing and auto-publish scheduling, he must have a Gossip Girl intern doing the posting for him.

The bigger question mark is why Dan would want to publicly humiliate Blair, a woman he claims to love.


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