Who is omotola jalade dating

To date Omotola, dubbed ‘Omo the Sexy’ has starred in over 300 Nollywood films, which have sold millions of video copies, to become the most loved and watched actress in Africa.

She has a loyal and constantly expanding fan base and has won numerous high-profile awards, while the press has lauded her ‘The African Magic’.

Matthew received his primary and nursery schooling in Lagos and spent five years in Owerri. Luckily for him, he grew up in a lovely home with both parents and was not the only child.

Matthew's mother is an Igbo woman who is originally from the beautiful, Abo in Delta State.

Her words, “So far, my husband and I have over 20 plus acres of land in Badagry.

Who is omotola jalade dating

He has his for his ‘Aquatic Jungle Entertainment’ and I have mine for the film village.When he sat in the cockpit of the old fighter plane, his imagination took over. Matthew began flying in England then after some time, he moved back to Nigeria, in 1991.He was so mindblown by the entire experience that he made up his mind then and there to become a pilot. After completing secondary school and graduating at the age of sixteen, he went to Aviation school. Over the years he has acquired a lot of work experience and has had the opportunity to work with many different companies.“There are some little tricks to these things that some actors don’t know. If I do, I will feel like burning inside and might even start crying because I criticise myself a lot.You can make it happen and look real too, especially in love and sex scenes. Sometimes, I pity those watching especially when I poorly do a sex scene. ’ “It can kill the whole movie when it’s poorly done.She said, “Sometimes you can tell while watching a movie that a couple doesn’t have chemistry. “When you want to act like you love the person, there are some natural acts and gesticulations that you can’t force.But if you are a well-trained actor, you would not find that difficult.She is the first African celebrity to attract over a million likes on her Facebook page and has become the most watched actress in Africa.Not Just An Actress Besides her show business accomplishments, Omotola is also admired for her dedication to philanthropic causes, empowering youth and the dispossessed.Nollywood star Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde was spotted on Saturday 14th June 2014 at Enough is Enough Nigeria (Ei E)’s star studded charity auction at the Dutchess at Zion Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.Omosexy was present to give an inspirational speech at the event where items such as exclusive sessions with Aliko Dangote, Wole Soyinka and Mo Abudu, were auctioned off.


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