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I usually like the odds to be much more than that, but I know now that love isn’t about being right.

Regardless of what you decide, I’m calling it off with all of the others. I’m done with the life of a playboy political analyst. Because their voting choice doesn’t matter as much to me as it does I still hope I get it right this November.

Nate Silver sits on the stairs at Allegro hotel in downtown Chicago on Nov. The statistician correctly predicted the 2012 presidential winner in all 50 states and almost all the Senate races.

, showing Trump leading Clinton among men by 11 points, but trailing her among women by 33.

So I decided to get close to every likely voter in the country and find out myself who they were voting for.

And with my romantic prowess, combined with my efficiency as a statistician, I knew that dating tens of millions of people at once would be easy. I sent all of them chocolates laid out in a bar graph that displayed how popular each chocolate was.

But knowing that you’re voting for Hillary isn’t enough for me. Then I factored in how much it might upset you that I was dishonest, and that brought the chances of you ever wanting to see me again to 55%.

With 3 /- margin of error, that still keeps things at over 50%.

He predicted in several US elections and made many right predictions.

He correctly predicted a victory for Barack Obama in the presidential elections of 20.


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