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The organization of the mayor's office changes with administration, but is almost always governed by a chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, director of communications, and several deputy mayors. The first round of the election is called the primary election.

Under the California Constitution, all judicial, school, county, and city offices, including those of chartered cities, are nonpartisan.

The 42nd and current Mayor is Eric Garcetti Los Angeles has a strong mayor council form of government, giving the mayor the position of chief executive of the city.

From 2022 and onward, mayoral elections will be consolidated with the statewide gubernatorial elections held every four years. Incumbent mayor Eric Garcetti was re-elected for a second term.

In the case of an office vacancy, the City Council has a choice to appoint a new mayor or to hold a special election.

actress is dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa since splitting with her footballer beau Mark Sanchez in late October.

But the petite brunette beauty has set the record straight with pal and She also took to Twitter to reveal the twosome have never been an item: "Wow, Star mag gets it wrong yet again," the 37-year-old star wrote.

The replacement, if appointed, will serve until the next regularly scheduled primary for a city general election.

If any portion remains on the term, a special election will be held to elect a candidate to serve the remainder of the term.

The mayor is given the authority to appoint general managers and commissioners, remove officials from city posts, and is required to propose a budget each year.

Most of the mayor's appointments and proposals are subject to approval by the Los Angeles City Council, but the mayor has the power of veto or approval of City Council legislation.


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