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And after the feeding frenzy—“piranhas in bloody water” one of my friends who was there called it—that took place yesterday when reporters were invited to ask “policy questions” at a press conference called by Moore and his supporters, that domino didn’t just fall; it thudded loudly.But the primary factor that changed my position were long conversations I had yesterday and this morning with three friends I have known and occasionally worked with over the years.

He had been asked a “when did you stop beating your wife? In today’s At first, I found myself put off a bit by Moore’s rambling, awkward response.

But then it hit me: here was a man trying to be scrupulously honest about a “damned if you do” subject, yet fully aware that he was being unfairly gored on the horns of a false dilemma.

Nothing sexual, beyond one substantiated kiss, was involved.

(More on this one true allegation that is being used to excoriate Moore in a moment.)That this witless whack-job passed muster as a serious Op-Ed in a major newspaper illustrates just how low Moore’s opposition will stoop.

Schneider, used such ham-fisted hyperbole in making his case against Moore that one wonders if Freud might not have turned it against him.

If asked,” Schneider clumsily hypothesized, “if he was a vampire during his early 30s, Moore would likely answer ‘not generally, no,’ and claim innocence because he asked permission from the parents of his victims before he dined on their flesh.”Grotesquely attempting to enhance the one truly serious—and I’m convinced spurious—charge against Moore, Schneider sprinkled his screed with labels like “horrific,” “alleged pedophilia” and “likely pedophile.” (I’m no fan of Al Franken, but if someone on the right characterized his sexual improprieties against Leeann Tweeden as “rape,” I’d call the author on it just as vigorously.)nine women” who have come forward, describing their “lurid” claims. Four of the nine, all 17 and 18 at the time, allege only that the early-thirties Moore expressed an interest in dating them.

Roy Moore understands the doctrines of the lesser magistrate, nullification, and the preeminence of peer-jury rule with the same passion that both informed the hearts and forged the resolve of so many of our founding fathers.

Indeed, it is one of the great ironies of our time that Patrick Henry’s famous 1775 “Give me liberty!

On Thursday morning, the broadcaster and former model Leeann Tweeden said in an account posted to the 790 KABC website that Franken had forcibly kissed and later groped her, while she was asleep, during a USO Tour overseas in 2006."I certainly don't remember the rehearsal for the skit (in which Tweeden said Franken kissed her) in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann," Franken said on Thursday, before releasing a longer statement.

"As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn't.


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