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God's time measure in dealing with the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Zechariah -13 Matthew 27:1-44 Matthew -66 Mark 12:1-12 Luke -14; John -25 (see Tracts #16 & 17) The destruction of Jerusalem was a result of the Jewish rejection of Jesus Christ and His substitutionary death in fulfillment of the Old Testament law of sacrifice. God's time measure of four hundred and ninety years in dealing with the Southern Kingdom of Judah, ending in the Jewish rejection of the Messiah which resulted in the destruction of the City of Jerusalem in 70 A. While weeping over Jerusalem, Jesus said the reason for its destruction was "Because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation." Luke Daniel -27 Prophetic scale: 1 day equals 1 year "I have appointed thee each day for a year" Ezekiel 4:6 Each prophetic week equals 7 years This was God's timeline for dealing with the Judah nation (not Israel of the Dispersion). The Jewish continuation of animal sacrifice after Calvary was therefore the "abomination of desolation" that resulted in the utter destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Prince Titus in 70 A.

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The Vedic and smrti laws of India reflected a concern with preserving the male seed of the three upper castes; and the religious courts imposed various penances for the woman or excommunication for a priest who provided an abortion.

Many of the methods employed in early and cultures were non-surgical.

Abortion, as a gynecological procedure, was primarily the province of women who were either midwives or well-informed laypeople.

In his Theaetetus, Plato mentions a midwife's ability to induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

This interpretation stands in sharp contrast to the modern fallacious teaching of Futurism.

The 490 years of violation divided by every 7th year equals 70 years of captivity. At the trial of Jesus they themselves said, "His blood be on us and our children" (Matthew ).

Archaeological discoveries indicate early surgical attempts at the extraction of a fetus; however, such methods are not believed to have been common, given the infrequency with which they are mentioned in ancient medical texts.

The technique of massage abortion, involving the application of pressure to the pregnant abdomen, has been practiced in Southeast Asia for centuries.

Serenus Sammonicus wrote of a concoction which consisted of rue, egg, and dill.

Soranus, Dioscorides, Oribasius also detailed this application of the plant.


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