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They go to Sonny and Kate's wedding together, where the bride's alternate personality, Connie, comes out and stops the wedding.

Ellie has a great time with Spinelli, and Spinelli's ex, Maxie, becomes jealous of Ellie.

Elizabeth Webber tells him that it could have been a mistake in the chart, but Jason wants to make sure.

The baby's tissue had been donated, so Spinelli agrees to help by having the tissue tested for the blood type.

Ellie first appeared on September 14, 2012, portrayed by Emily Wilson.

The anticipated airdate was confused by some with that of Teresa Castillo's role as Sabrina Santiago, who then appeared September 19.

Not much is known about Ellie but she does have an great aunt Ellen, whom she is named after.

She is in a longterm relationship with Damian Spinelli and thinks of his daughter, Georgie as her own.

In December, Ellie helps with the impregnation of Dante and Lulu's baby into their surrogate Maxie.

On December 26, Ellie breaks up with Spinelli because numerous examples of Spinelli putting Maxie's needs in front of Ellie's and standing her up at Sonny's Christmas party.


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