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And we said, ‘We’re hitting it off and we got this vibe goin’, but we don’t want to shack, and live over with the kids.’ And you know, if we’re gonna do it the right way, let’s do it the right way.She didn’t want to wait and I was like, ‘That’s the right thing to do.'” “Honestly, yeah…I do now know that you can’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings or temporary situations or potential temporary situations.I’m not taking anything but what I came with.” What do you think about what Mc Kee had to say?

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As any singer will tell you, when you’re singing–one it was in the backyard, Nicole Murphy’s backyard. You don’t have any feedback so I don’t know what I’m hearing so I can’t correct it cause I don’t even know what I’m hearing.

You get to talking about Jesus, we can go there all day and all night.

You don’t have an ear piece, and then to top it all off, I was up all late with the fellas the night before I did it. But I challenge anybody, if you don’t think I can do it, come see me.” “I met her in the airport cause I had a layover in Chicago before I went to Ohio.

So, you’re outside, there’s no tent, then you don’t have any monitors to feed back what you’re saying. They capitalized on that, they tweaked that a little bit and did something because at the end of the day, it’s about ratings.

After a week of Momma Dee claiming that Brian Mc Kee is her man and Mc Kee trying to squash those rumors, the “celebrity barber” and singer stopped to do an interview about a pay-it-forward campaign he’s working on, and to also spill some tea about where things stand between him and Andrea Kelly (their divorce should be finalized in the next couple of weeks). I met her in the airport on the way back to Chicago. Before I got into reality TV I didn’t watch reality TV.

He revealed some interesting things about their relationship, including a claim that they have been married for more than a year and actually wed less than a week after meeting and hitting it off immediately. But my brother knew who she was so he introduced me to her, and they laughed and joked and then we laughed and joked and he told me later who she was…we kind of just hit it off. She started speaking spiritual things, and that’s my language.It moved so fast…I didn’t get to shut doors and close doors and cut off people.And in my mind in some weird kind of way I thought I was going to get married and they would all just disappear. I was willing to sign it, she said it wasn’t necessary.And I think the youngest one being the 19 year old.The source apparently said he’s a sexual deviant and he has the women perform acts out of the norm on him and each other.“Y’all know Drea Kelly…I don’t play when it come to my gotdamn eggs…now I got to rip somebody a new a$$hole…Being the mother that I am, taking my babies to school this morning, I turn on the radio and you know Ed Lover has a new show and Miss Monie Love is on the radio and so she does her Morning, Evening News…I feel like she did one of the most f*cked up things you can do as a journalist. At the end of the day, you are reading something on radio, which means the audience has no idea what you’re reading. So whatever is going on, don’t put my gotdamn kids in it.At the end of the day, I am a mother and that was reckless. It doesn’t matter how much you don’t like their father. One, I don’t have any personal investments in the news. I added my own opinion at the end saying, this sounds nuts. The part that I do get is that she’s a mom and despite the fact that her kids were not spoken about…what’s interesting also, is that this was reported on several radio shows.It was wrong and I pray to God that don’t nobody come along and dig up some sh*t on Monie Love and her past, and her baby fathers if she has any and somebody say some sh*t about her f*cking kids and they don’t even know if it’s true or not. It doesn’t matter how much you don’t care for him as a person. You coulda said everything you needed to say but when you got to that last part about his kids, that’s some sh*t you could have left out. I teach my kids everyday, I don’t give zero f*cks what they say about your father, be it true, untrue, negative or positive. It’s interesting that my jugular is the jugular that’s been come for… Basically, Monie said because she didn’t mention anything specifically about the children, just the allegation that they might have been there, Drea is overreacting. But, given all that she and her children have had to go through with R Kelly being their father, I can understand why she would be emotional and perhaps doing too much in the eyes of Monie Love and Ed Lover.I didn’t wanna take anything then and I don’t wanna take anything now.Contrary to popular belief, I was already established when I met Drea.It don’t work like that…I thought I was going to bypass the closure part but when I got to TV they just came out the woodwork.” “Actually, no we didn’t. You know because that kind of puts a ‘I don’t trust you’ in a situation.But more than that, I’ll just say, there wasn’t no need for a prenup.


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