Who is alessandre nivola dating

He broke into films in 1997 with a small role in Inventing the Abbotts and the more substantial part of Nicolas Cage's psychotic genius brother in John Woo's Face/Off.

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, the Atom Egoyan-directed drama about the conviction of the West Memphis 3, a trio falsely accused of a triple homicide in a controversial trial that presented no physical evidence.

Nivola will play Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the young victims.

It’s a pivotal role in the film; Hobbs is a controversial figure who has consistently denied any role in the murders but has come under suspicion in the 20 years since the crime was committed.

He has never been charged and evidence against him is inconclusive.

Often mistaken for British, Alessandro Nivola has established himself as one of the American actors most likely to assume a flawless English accent in his films.

Nivola, whose combination of charismatic good looks, vowel-laden name, and work in a number of British films have both confused and delighted critics and viewers, is actually a product of the East Coast.

Rachel Weisz plays Ronit and Rachel Mc Adams is Esti, and the two Rachels deliver heartbreakingly powerful performances in “Disobedience,” which takes the timeless and classic theme of forbidden love to the territory of forbidden love.

“Disobedience” is the English-language debut of Sebastián Lelio, who became Chile’s first-ever Academy Award winner with his best foreign language film win for “A Fantastic Woman.” He’s dealing with risky and potentially offensive dramatic material here, and “Disobedience” comes across as a challenging but also deeply respectful and thoughtful meditation on traditions and mores that date back thousands of years.

That same year, he returned to the other side of the Atlantic to portray a Backstreet Boys-type singer in Mike Figgis' Time Code 2000, an experimental feature filmed entirely in one take.

In the years to come, Nivola would remain a consistent presence on screen, appearing in movies like Junebug, Grace is Gone, and The Eye, as well as on the TV series The Company.


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