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The alleged murder at Tumbling Run may be no more than the wails of some poor unfortunate injured dog according to the story of Rural Mail Carrier De Napoli who is convinced that the Tumbling Run sensation is more of a comedy then a tragedy.According to De Napoli on Thursday he heard a dog yelping on the mountain side on the far side of the dam and then saw him go limping along the edge of the dam to the bridge and then down the road stopping several times to lick his wound and to gather the strength which appeared to be ebbing away from the great amount of lost blood.

The explanation of De Napoli is not accepted by many who believe that there was entirely too much blood to have come from a dog, even a large dog.On the other hand the murder story is scoffed at by the majority of people who, remembering that Thursday night was cold and particularly cold at the Run, the ground too hard frozen to have left the imprints of carriage wheels.The members of the Newport boat house club do not relish the notoriety they have gained by the blood tracks leading to near their house and the stories that have been in circulation that the body of the dead woman was found in their house with her throat cut from ear to ear.Blood was found on the dead leaves and pine needles.A tuft of long hair, auburn in color, was found lying at the same spot.They found a pool of blood in the rear of the Newport boat house and bloodstains on the doorknob.From there the trail of blood led to near the dancing pavilion where a carriage had been standing.The dog traveled the same course that the murdered woman is supposed to have been dragged but he went the opposite direction from which theory carried the woman and there was no carriage in waiting to help him along.Yesterday a large number of people plodded through the mud to the Run to take a look at the scene of the supposed crime and to endeavor to see some of the blood.These dams with the adjacent water treatment plant, supply our borough with water.A history and other information along with pictures of Tumbling Run will be presented here.


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