What to do when dating a rich man

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I can see directly into the apartment across from me if the shades are kept open and the light’s on.About two months ago, new tenants moved in, and the bedroom I can see into is occupied by a girl in her teens.

A: “I’m sure you’ve noticed this, but Gorlois barks at everyone who enters the office, which can get pretty distracting. ” If you’re worried your boss will be dismissive or defensive, you might talk with a few of your co-workers first and bring this to your boss’ attention as a group (in your customary low-key fashion, of course).

I’m also worried it doesn’t make new clients feel welcome when they visit, and I’m sure it can’t be fun for the dog to be on such high alert all the time. I’m afraid that if your boss has already heard the incessant barking and decided to do nothing about it, your reminding her might not result in an improvement.

Mallory Ortberg: Come, now, let us reason together. Daughter’s date: My heterosexual 28-year-old daughter told me that she recently started a relationship with a trans man.

I’ve always been supportive of LGBT issues, but I feel a little wary.

That doesn’t mean it’s not still worth bringing up, but be prepared to invest in some noise-canceling headphones as a backup. Accidental peeping Tom: I’m a single guy in my mid-40s who lives alone.

My apartment complex is U-shaped, with a courtyard on the inside and one end open.

One is your genuine lack of familiarity with terms, identities, and what’s within the limits of polite discussion.

That’s fine—everyone starts somewhere—and if your daughter isn’t available to help you learn the basics, I’d encourage you to visit PFLAG’s glossary page for a primer.

More than once, I have realized that I (and presumably, others on my side of the courtyard) can see her changing.

I would like to warn the apartment’s tenants of this, but I want to do it in the least intimidating way possible.


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