What to do when dating a married man

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For a long time, there was a very simple reason why I wasn’t ready to propose to Gina: Money.When I say money, I don’t mean a simple lack of funds to buy a ring.

The panel was asked to consider ‘what the position would be if a patient were to be forward with him and overt with him’ in those circumstances.‘In my submission the committee should give considerable pause for concern as to whether you are satisfied that Mr Pym will not let personal gratification trump professional obligation again,’ Ms Hobcraft said.

Mr Kennedy conceded on Pym’s behalf that the initial contact was inappropriate.

Similarly, many of the ‘graphic texts’ emanated from her, he said.‘In so far as it was more than fantasy for her, it appears from the texts that she was the person pushing for the relationship to be more than fantasy,’ Mr Kennedy continued.‘Undoubtedly, she continued to text Mr Pym at times when she had recognised that the relationship may, or should, come to an end.

It may well be that but for that it might have petered out.’The panel was told it ‘was not a relationship that was purely fantasy or sexual fantasy’, and that ‘there was an emotional side to it as well’.

They don't want you to know what is their favourite book and when is their birthday.

You don't have to take them to fancy restaurants and meet their parents.

Mr Kennedy described how Pym was caring for family members at the time and his ‘personal life was unsatisfactory’.‘Patient A forwarded the messages to Mr Pym’s at that stage wife in April 2016 and so that has had understandable implications for his private life,’ he said.

The barrister claimed erasure from the register would mark ‘the end’ of a near-30-year unblemished career.

Gemma Hobcraft, for the General Dental Council, said: ‘This was a fundamental line that was crossed and therefore a serious departure from the standards expected.’A GDC committee will decide whether Pym’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of his misconduct and what, if any, sanction to impose.

The tribunal heard that Pym continued with the relationship after finding out she was a patient of his and being advised to desist.


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