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This page is designed to alert you to some of the pitfalls of poor craftsmanship and to educate you concerning what good craftsmanship looks like.

Stained glass, throughout its history, has been elevated to the realm of fine art and plunged into the obscurity of everyday architectural decoration.

Currently, its reputation resides somewhere between these two extremes, having almost limitless potential to compete with other forms of fine art and fine craft, yet being kept from doing so in large part because of many non-professionals (hobbyists) seeking a vocation in either making or teaching stained glass, and thus diluting the medium with shoddy craftsmanship and non-original design.

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If you're thinking of having a stained glass or beveled glass artwork made, you may be seeking out glass artists on the Internet or getting quotes from artists or studios that are in your locality. The two major pitfalls you'll want to be on the lookout for are There are a lot of stained glass studios and individual stained glass artists whose craftsmanship ranges between just fair and poor, and too many who do not even try to come up with original designs.

Remember that the best quality work is [1] innovative and original in design, and [2] crafted cleanly and precisely.

Poorly crafted stained glass may start to show structural problems in as little as a few years.

Well-crafted work should last many decades with no structural problems.


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