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“During the operation, four of the women tried to escape by hiding in a secret room, but failed. “Inspection found the premises was operating without a valid business licence and had illegally renovated the 4th floor of the building to facilitate the illicit activities,” he said, adding that five notices were issued against the customers.He said the premises were raided early April and 14 women were arrested, but the massage centre re-opened.

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Oh, and that reflexology center that wasn’t actually a reflexology center, where customers could order the girl of their choice with We Chat.

Basically, if you’re looking to get into the sex industry, and you’re not on We Chat – you need to reconsider your business model.

She used Wechat voice call all this while also and sounded very patient.

I have no idea how the purchase card works, she have repeatedly reminded me and given me the idea that she could only collect the money when she have taken the receipt.

Once the transaction was done , hoping that "Kexin" would turn up.

She text me through Wechat saying her boss would call me again and not release her to meet me.This 0 dollar will be refunded to me when i meet her.I refused and the boss threatened to track me down to my home and harm my family members. Worried that it will jeopardize my family and also my job, I paid the 0 using the same method again.Read More Transferring money for a fee is easy work but it is also illegal if the monies are found to be illegal proceeds.Be wary of job advertisements that promise easy money because there will always be a catch to it. Mustafar said prostitution activities normally took place on the first or second floor of a private office to avoid being detected by the enforcement authorities.“In the raid on Monday, 18 foreign women - 10 Vietnamese, Indonesian (5) and Thailand (3) - all in their 20s were arrested for allegedly giving sex service at the massage centre.Again kexin was texting me also to ensure me to keep the receipts as she will return back to me the money once get the receipts.then kexin was texting me also saying she is somewhere in the amk hub , but her boss would not release her if the transaction is not through and urging me to do the transaction.He wanted me to transfer another 1300 so that the transaction could be completed. Throughout the phone call, the 'bosses" were very fierce, used scare methods like threatening to harm your family and say nobody talk to them in that manner when you become aggressive with them.then when they are about to launch their next step, will sound very patient.


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