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We flew out to Jamaica 10 months ago for our getaway and did the usual tourist thing.

When we got horny for more then ourselves we took to the internet but astonishingly didn't get very far.

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1 by hot-hot (C) thanks you all liked my first story " spying the sister" hope you will like this one also. His next-door neighbor, James was a 40 year old… Read more Not posted in a little while so thought might as well share an old experience I had with one of my fwb.

I thought the extra cash would come in handy, even though it would not prove to be as much fun as the last job I did.

So, I spent the day working with him and we got it installed and he asked me if I would stay on to finish cleaning up and wait for the house owner to get back as they h… Read more 20 Years of Infidelity Part 9 Now that we were on the beach with so many lovely, young girls surrounding us, I had to remind Jason to be cool and not swig his beer down to start chasing the girls.At some point Peggy and Sadie went to sleep in another room. During my shower i heard the door open, it was Sadie. She would go right back to sucking without missing a beat. Wouldn't he want me clean after what we had just done? Instinctively, I ope… Read more I have been lucky in my life when it comes to sex, especially when taking into account the small Northern California town I live in.She walked in still totally naked, didnt say a word, turned around and bent over, showing me she already had her butt plug in. I… Read more I'd heard, through a friend-of-a-friend sort of way, that there was this restaurant that served, if you ordered ahead of time, and paid the fairly exorbitant fee (of 0.00! "Fresh and warm," a friend of mine, who had supposedly done this himself at one time, said with a crooked grin on his face. " I could see the enthusiastic sincerity on his face as he'd told me the story. " Eric (the friend that had told me about the 0.00-per-bowl of sperm soup restaurant) told me that several other guys we both… Read more The God son I got a bit bored one day and got very turned on dreaming this story up and even hornier writing it. I’m a woman in my early 30s and in my teenage years I was honoured with being asked to be the god mother to the forthcoming c***d of a good friend. When I say Northern California I mean Northern California; not the Bay Area but so close to the mountains bordering Oregon you can almost hear banjos playing in the forest. Click the play symbol in the lower left to play withing this webpage.Clicking the play symbol in the center of the image mayl take you away from this page to the UStream website For a larger view, click on the symbol in the lower right corner of the image.The number of dots on the dice is now called the number X. She will not read the card aloud, unless the card instructs her to do so. "Good, now stay in the tub and get on your knees." Again, I did as I was told.Notes: o when the slave is in an unpractical position to execute… Read more So after the fun the night before, I woke up and was by myself in bed. I let her suck it for awhile, gagging her each time i pushed on the back of her head. "Don't turn on the water, leave the curtain open and wait for me." I had no idea why he wanted me in the shower without turning it on. He approached me with his flaccid cock still looking rather large.I was debating about using my new bath bomb gift or just take a shower.I decided I would be able to have the bath bomb for a sexier situation later and set it aside.I switched over the now hot water over to the shower head.I strip out of my thong… Read more Materials needed: • One slave • One dice (regular 1-6) • Material needed for the set of cards selected: chastity device, restraints, … The mistress is always rights, and can “cheat” in any way she wants. The mistress brings the cards below, and determines the order. She will lay six cards in a row, then throw a dice.


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