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You can switch between perspectives as you work on different aspects of the project.I could test it out—but frankly, I doubt any serious Visual Studio programmer would use a system with only 1 GB of RAM, so the whole “minimum requirements” thing is pretty much moot.Another complaint I’ve heard is that Visual Studio is like the Cadillac of the development world: overpriced, with far too many useless features.I usually keep open a single perspective in Eclipse, as I don’t use it that often.So for some people, Visual Studio’s lack of a built-in perspective system isn’t a big loss—but it does point to a problem that a lot of people have with both products: Visual overload, which I discuss next.(after you've finished watching the video of course =P)To jump right to the demo, click here. It’s time for a big comparison: Visual Studio versus Eclipse.A good programmer should be able to get up to speed quickly enough with either IDE, and eventually become comfortable in it.It’s true that most IDEs are not exactly models for ultimate usability (not by a long shot)—but on the other hand, the tools are all there, and it’s easy to get to a particular menu and button.You can start with the barebones IDE and build a development system for any language and platform you like (in theory); and yes, there are other languages available for Visual Studio (node.js, Iron Python, and F# are three examples)—but compare that to the offerings from Eclipse, where right away there are many platforms and languages available from the main download page, without having to install extensions.Furthermore, each download is a configuration of Eclipse packaged with the extensions already installed.


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