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You then need to reverse the procedure every time the workbook is saved, then make the sheets visible once again.

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This sheet is hidden and protected, i have used the copy property of the sheet in vba to move this to a new workbook, but to do it i had to unprotect and unhide it and then protect and hide again.

Private Sub Workbook_Before Save(By Val Save As UI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)Dim ws As Worksheet, ws Splash As Worksheet Application. Enable Events = False Set ws Splash = Worksheets("Splash screen")ws Splash. My workbook password is on so it looks to me that is whats causing problems, but the debug also complained that it didnt know what xl Sheet Very Hidden is??

Visible = xl Sheet Visible For Each ws In This Workbook. I have added a password to my workbook via save as Can't you just have an Excel open password? You set a password to open on the Save As/Tools/General Options box. My grandfather was ill, and my grandmother smeared goose-grease on his back. Glenn: Yea recently added that password to my workbook, works great just havent got a different sheet to pop up if someone doesnt enable macros. The setup i have is: User opens workbook: enters the password to get in.

All sheets are hidden and protected apart from the first 'Menu' sheet.

The workbook is also protected so people dont add a new worksheet.


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