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They tell me they have tried various dating agencies specializing in connecting with Vietnamese women but they have concerns about the services provided.Their comments seem to be that it’s all about the fees with very little actual support or guidance.

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Your girlfriend will happily cook you dinner, do your laundry, or clean your house.

These things never happen in the West, but they’re quite common here.

Perhaps some readers can help answer some questions that seem to go unanswered1.

Do the dating agencies do any background checks on their clients, male and female? Are the women on the sites real or is it the same photos and details on many sites? Have there been any success stories that you know about?

Then I pick my favorites and have a great time dating some high-quality girls.

It’s free to sign up, although you can’t send any messages.If you’re looking for loyalty and someone who’ll stay by your side no matter what, you need to get a Vietnamese girlfriend. They like cooking, painting, singing, and helping their families.Additionally, Vietnamese women love taking care of their man.If you make a mistake or do something they don’t like, these girls will remain calm and generally overlook whatever the issue was.They aren’t going to flip out, start a fight, or break up with you. You’ll enjoy a nice, relaxing relationship with a quality; and you won’t have to worry about drama or petty squabbles.Every time I go to Vietnam I make sure to sign up for the platinum membership and line up a few dates without even being in the country.By the time I get there I’ve got it narrowed down to a couple stunners that are eager to meet.Have some expat work associates who are interested in travelling to Vietnam.Their main objectives are to meet Vietnamese women with a view to forming a long-term relationship.It’s way different from dating in the West (where meeting a girl’s family is fairly rare), but quite enjoyable.You’ll get fed a ton of good food (like spring rolls, pork, and various rice dishes), plus you’ll spend time with your girlfriend’s entire family. “Culture clash” is something that many Western men worry about. While Vietnam is very different from the United States, and other Western countries, it’s not going to cause any real problems.


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