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This has been changing some lately though as they are now coming into their late teen years, and this is the age of most of Mike's friends, now that most of the others his age have gone on to careers and families.Bosses who fire him are jerks, teachers who fail him did so because they dont like him, police who arrest him are picking on him, and the judges that fine him just wont listen to his reasonable side of the story.Mike couldnt live as an anarchist because he expects others to perform and Mike depends on the rule of law to protect him and his property.

Mike likes to think that employers/managers are threatened by how good he is and therefore won't give him opportunities.

In fact, the are more annoyed by him than anything else and they won't give him opportunities because he never takes responsibility.

These can interfere with your work, learning and how you get on with other people.

Depression, anxiety feelings of low self-esteem and drug misuse are more common in adults with ADHD.

They would also get information about your early childhood and current problems from your family and school teachers.

A child or young person with a diagnosis of ADHD could then be transferred to an adult psychiatrist as they got older, should their problems remain.

Mikes close friends have become fewer, and all seem to fall into the same category, living life at the expense of their parents and never taking responsibility for their own action, let alone their future.

Typically, Mike sits around and listens to his alternative music, because they also reject the world the way it is, justify bad behavior, and blame it all on the government, the media, the corporations, and if all else fails, the parents.

The music, some drugs on the side, and spending late night commiserating with his buddies gives Mike all the justification he needs to continue the lifestyle that while it gnaws at him, is all that he really remembers. Chances are that Mike's parents will have Mike, his wife, and the kids living with them when they come along (while they "get their feet on the ground" of course).

This because he cannot support himself now, and therefore won't be able to support his family later.


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