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Validating an XML document with an XSD schema requires five steps. Second, create an instance of the Xml Reader Settings object.The Xml Reader Settings class lets you specify a set of options the Xml Reader object will support, and these options will govern the effects when parsing XML data. Note that the Xml Reader Settings class renders the Xml Validating Reader class used with . Third, associate the Xml Reader Settings class with the already defined Validation Event Handler method.XML data can be considered as categorically correct if it is well-formed and valid. An XSD schema defines elements, attributes, and the relationship between them.

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Note If the Output window did not open and display information about whether the schema validation succeeded or failed, you can open it manually.

For more information about managing this window, see Managing Other Visual Studio Windows.

You then perform the validation during the reading and parsing operations of the factory-created Xml Reader object. Validation is the process of enforcing rules on the XML content either through an XSD schema or a DTD or XDR schema.

Let's review some XML basics before diving into how the new features in XML can help you validate XML data more easily. An XML document contains elements, attributes, and values of primitive data types.

I'll also walk you through some of the different scenarios and ways in which you can validate an XML document with an XSD schema programmatically (see Table 1). NET Framework 2.0 means you can perform XML data validation against a Document Type Definition (DTD) or an XML schema. XSD schema-based validation is the industry-accepted standard and will be the method of XML validation in this article.

Validating xml visual studio

You specify the validation settings as well as a Validation Event Handler method using the Xml Reader Settings object. I won't explain how to validate XML data using DTDs because those are not typically used outside legacy applications.

So far, you've seen how to perform validation using the standalone XSD schema file through the Xml Reader Settings class.

This approach is an excellent way to validate XML data, but it doesn't provide a neat and efficient way of reusing XML schemas.

Next, set the Xsd Validate property to True, which signals the Xml Reader object to validate the XML data as it parses XML data.

By default, you set this property to False so the Xml Reader object doesn't validate the XML data by default.


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