Validating integer in javascript

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Then you decide to allow visitors to upload a file in the form as well.So, you add a field that uses the Direct Upload form control, and everything’s working great.Current available plugins are in Extras for additional validators.

In the example above, we load both French and Italian translations, and use Italian.

Parsley uses a specific DOM API which allows you to configure pretty much everything directly from your DOM, without writing a single javascript configuration line or custom function.

Parsley's default DOM API is Parsley adds many classes and elements in the DOM when it validates.

You don’t want users to have to re-upload their file every time a field fails validation, so you decide to validate the email field using javascript and avoid the postback altogether. Under the CSS styles category in the Control CSS class property, enter the class name “js-validation-email.” We will refer to this class in our javascript file.

Also mark the field as not required since we’ll be validating the input via javascript instead of using Kentico’s built-in validation. Load the script We now need to load our custom javascript.


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