Validating identity unable to find a certificate

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On installation, my sons (Vista) machine connected instantly and is running like the clappers. Sly Even if this was working before (on two machines simultaneously?However, my XP machine has ben sitting on.."Validating identity" for ages. possible but strange) it was weird, insecure (no NAT firewalling) and unnecessarily complicated. Yeah I think we need to figure out what's happening really :) Your computer should not do anything to connect – there should not be a "validating identity" screen, no logging in to a network, or anything like that.

there will not be 2 there even though you technically added another one. Then I clicked cancel and went back to the page where I found the my wireless network and selected the Add button.

He has an Averitec Laptop, and had some broadcom software that was conflicting with the built in Windows software. Three years later and this worked perfectly for me. I'm starting to feel bad getting great tips by doing google searches and not letting people know that their advice actually worked! This thread may be three years old now but the info is still current (Nov 2009).

I removed the broadcom software and uninstalled the wifi drivers, rebooted, and let the windows automagical install take care of things. I just installed a new type of router and suddenly nothing would connect and it kept saying there was no certificate. I had the same problem when I went to uncheck the IEEE 802.1x and it was greyed out.

short and sweet upgrading the wireless ethernet card solved the problems.

I just installed a new Linksys ADSL modem/router at home.


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