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This removes the tedious process of creating and managing Action Form classes within a project. Here is a simple Dyna Action Form configuration snippet from the Listing 1: Dyna Action Form The Dyna Action Form is configured under the form-beans section just as with the Action Form configurations. This results in better maintenance and improved coding flexibility.

The form bean becomes a Dyna Action Form by having the type as org.apache.struts.action. In the above example the name of the Dyna Action Form bean is dyna User Information Form that has two properties - username and password - both of which are of type The is also configured to have action mappings like the application in the previous tutorial. With a normal Struts action class, all the logic needs to go into the single execute() method.

No matter how many buttons the JSP has, all the actions are directed to the single execute() method.

Having just one execute() method means that there will be increased conditional checks to incorporate multiple logic. User Information Form; public class Login Dispatch Action extends Dispatch Action The first major difference between the Action class for Dispatch Action and regular Action is the class they inherit from.

The User class from the previous tutorial is left untouched. The login button uses javascript to set the parameter value.

"".equals(user Information Username().trim())) The above code shows how to use Dyna Action Form.

Struts 1 have provided a special type of form that can take different types of form attribute dynamically.

This special type of form class is Dyna Action Form.


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