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A well-designed database can be critical to the success of your database project, allowing for increased expandability and scalability, not to mention it makes for easier development.

In this tutorial I will describe the steps needed to begin your application design, then move on to the design of your database, finishing up with the writing of your table creation statements.

Often these milestones coincide with payments from the client when you work as a consultant, with the payments being defined in your budget.

On the subject of money and features and timelines, it is important to understand the balance that must exist between the three.

NET database programming, and deployment of the finished application.

This tutorial will be very hands-on, documenting the creation of a real application that will then be available for download in both source and binary form for future reference.Since the application in question is a relatively simple one, I have chosen to rewrite it using Visual Basic and My SQL.The idea for your application may come from a desire to “build a better mousetrap” – developing a better version of an existing application.The very first thing required when creating an application is a need.Computer programs are created to fulfill needs that the application users have.This type of in/out tracking software is fairly common, but this type of application often comes with two limitations; many of these applications are limited to only a certain number of users, usually in the area of 50-100.In addition, these applications often use flat files to store information; requiring that each user have access to a shared network directory in order to use the system.One of the recurring requests has been for a full tutorial covering the creation of an application, from design to deployment, using Visual Basic and My SQL.In response to these requests I have written this article as the first of a series of articles that will provide a full tutorial for the creation of an application using Visual Basic. I will cover application design, database design, VB.It should also be remembered that clients and employers have a tendency to request additional features as the project progresses while not wanting to pay any additional funds to implement them.If you have a list of features in hand you can inform your customer that your job is to implement the listed features and that any additional features will carry an additional cost.


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