Validating assessment tools

The relation between primary care and life chances.

Assessment Validation is a critical core compliance activity for Australian RTOs, and required by the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Having 360RTO completed and/or facilitate validation of both your assessment tools and assessment judgements will not only save you a lot of time and resources – but it It is common for established RTOs and their internal teams to not validate their assessment resources with as much rigor when undertaking a validation session – thereby missing critical gaps or non-compliances due to being overly familiar with the assessment tools, or the assessor judgements they are scrutinising.

Entry into primary care and continuity: the effects of access. It is parallel in content to the consumer/client survey.

Experience of primary care by racial and ethnic groups in the US. This survey can also be implemented either by mail or by face-to-face or telephone interviews.


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