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“Losss” pulls the abstract, sweet flute sound that flows through the album like a river between songs, and jams it through an overclocked drum machine to give it an angry, sarcastic edge.

"After the very first Zappa Union Festival was such a success in Norway in 2012, my friends Erlend and Bjorn suggested that I come back in 2013 with a full band of Zappa alumni.

I agreed that it was a great idea and reformed Banned From Utopia, a unique combination of musicians who first began performing in 1994 in a series of concerts to commemorate Frank's life and music.

Björk’s new album is here, and it’s a thematic reversal of where her previous one left off.

Where “Vulnicura” marched with the grim, heavy, but determined pace of someone about to end a relationship, “Utopia” pulses with the frantic energy of jumping back into the dating scene.

Utopia, the groundbreaking social television experiment that gives a group of 15 individuals, the pioneers of our time, the chance to leave their current lives and build their ideal society from scratch. So brace yourself for some ferocious competition, intrigue and lots of fireworks.

In a place where rules, laws and power struggles not yet exist, offering the basis for a multi-platform project that links the pioneers, the viewers and advertisers in a way that adds value for all parties involved.

“Every cell in my body / lined up for you,” she sings, and the sudden joyous physicality of the album is made clear.

Next up is “Blissing Me,” a soft, sweet harp-led love song about “two music nerds obsessing” and “sending each other MP3s.” The imagery is modern and specific, with Björk contemplating the 21st century woes of text message anxiety and trying to date musicians.

“Sue Me,” a track exploring the custody battle between Björk and her former partner over their daughter, treads much of the same ground as “Losss” and, in my opinion, doesn’t have a great deal to add to the album on its own.

Later tracks, like “Paradisia” and “Saint” are pleasant enough strolls through the dream-like garden Björk has established, but it’s the weirdness injected in the tracks that makes them worth putting on repeat. You’re already in it.” The verdict: At so many points in “Utopia,” Björk runs the risk of slipping into saccharine, overly-sentimental crooning.


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