Usher and naomi campbell dating

Naomi’s career began at a very young age, she appeared in a music video for Bob Marley for the song ‘Is This Love’ at the tender age of seven, and her success continued from there as she appeared in a children’s television series later that year.

When she was 15 Naomi was scouted by Beth Boldt, head of Synchro model agency while she was shopping in Covent Garden.

By the early 90s this group of models, with the later addition of Kate Moss, had formed a prestigious and in demand group of supermodels dubbed ‘Big Six’.

Naomi’s career is littered with iconic moments, from walking the runway for Versace alongside other supers singing ‘Freedom’, appearing in a music video for Michael Jackson or featuring in Madonna’s highly controversial book ‘Sex’.

Eric Clapton dated Campbell for less than a year in 1993.1993 - 1994Naomi and Adam Clayton got engaged after a brief romance, and she famously dished about their relationship after the split, calling him a "wonderful man."Usher and Naomi dated for a few months, but reports about the reason of the split have been contradictory.

Usher honestly revealed he was bored with her, but she claimed his entourage was too controlling.A source close to the couple said, "Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. Naomi likes to keep her relationships private and it is early days, but there's a real spark between them.Their close friends are aware they're dating."Camilleri graduated from the Swiss University of Lausanne in 1976...Naomi and Matteo Marzotto dated for about eight months, and Matteom, an Italian tycoon, later joked that Campbell had hit him while they were together.He quickly retracted after people took him seriously.It was rumored that Naomi dated Andre Balazs after they were spotted on a dinner date in New York.Balazs, a hotel mogul, later brought Campbell to an A-list birthday party, but close sources there revealed they weren't really "together."Naomi and Marcus Elias were first linked after they met at a Vogue party and we snapped kissing in the Mediterranean Sea. Camilleri has been confirmed as dating international supermodel Naomi Campbell.Camilleri, who is worth some €130 million, is a divorced father of three.when Naomi was in her second year of primary school.Campbell is known as "one of the five original supermodels".


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