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It all started when the de Peyster family of Wellesley, Mass., watched the new documentary California Typewriter , in which...

In some ways, he says this process has made the high school experience easier for those teenagers who do use the site to form relationships.

“If you want a girlfriend, go get Facebook,” Eric claimed.

David Ebersman, the former chief financial officer for Facebook, argued that the reason was that Facebook was no longer the hip hangout spot on the Internet for teenagers, and there’s a simple reason for that: It’s hard to look cool when you’re hanging out with Mom and Dad.

The social media service is highly popular among their Gen X and Baby Boomer parents — who, as Bustle’s Krystin Arneson writes, “came to keep an eye on their kids, but stayed when they discovered that connecting with other adults was fun.” With widespread parental supervision on the service, many teenagers prefer the anonymity of Whisper, the i Phone era’s version of Post Secret.“People don’t have to hang out with their friends,” he said. “I feel like friend is becoming very vague,” he argued. You say love to a lot of people and things you don’t actually love. “The more friends you have, the cooler you seem,” Eric told me.“Nobody declines [your request].” This speaks to the essential nature of Facebook, which evaluates one’s ability to master the service with validation in the form of Likes.“If you can see that high school is only a short part of your life, four years, and you have decades after that to learn and grow as an individual, no.” *** Although Eric’s might seem like a minority opinion, viewpoints like his are increasingly common when it comes to Facebook, which may be tied to the experience of high school itself.While there can be a distinct pleasure in flipping through old yearbooks, those memories largely catalog the best versions of ourselves, the clubs we were in and what we looked like when we prepared for picture day.“You can get one real fast.” I further pressed him as to why.“You can say whatever you want without real emotion, he responded. I would like to get to know you.’ In real life, you’ll get all nervous.” But there’s a drawback to living your social life online — it means you’re less likely to be present to the one in front of you.Given the drawbacks of having social media in high school, I asked him whether he would recommend getting Facebook to an incoming freshman.“It depends what you’re trying to go for: If you want to party and get laid, yeah,” Eric said.However, some teens aren’t just bailing — they’re refusing to buy into Facebook in the first place.In a Huffington Post essay on the great Facebook exodus, Bianca Bosker notes that it was difficult to find teens who had signed up for the service to begin with.


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