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This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance, which matches a picture of a bold, but charming woman. I'm not going to tell others not to buy it, it can be right on someone whose chemistry suits Be Delicious but it was too similar to a room spray I used to use in the 00s.

The top features green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia. I like the bottle and might try the I liked the bottle enough to consider buying just 30ml of Fresh Blossom to keep the bottle when I'm done with that.

It smells almost masculine at times due to the freshness and a slightly bitter citrus (lime maybe? I fell in love with the fragrance when I tested it at a shop so I bought it. Maybe the tester at the shop was different than the bottle I bought, although, I must say, the concentration was exactly the same! Before the reformulated version, this was one of my favorite scents to wear. Now those apple notes are veryyy synthetic, the refreshing cucumber is now an off-putting undertone, and honestly nothing seems to blend nicely in this fragrance anymore. Sillage 7/10 Scent 5/10 I really wish they’d stop reformulating all my favorites. It's synthetic and dull, and the opposite of 'fresh'.

However, when I used it, I found it weaker than expected. Crispy fresh apple with cucumber is all I can describe it as. I still wear it occasionally, but wonder why I bother!

I think the greens and florals are too overwhelming for a fruit-based perfume.

If you want it to be a delicious green apple, then don't cram too many other scents into the base notes, because on my skin, the apple quickly disappeared and left the non-fruit accords, and it was an overwhelming scent.

I thought it was J'adore or her shampoo but later I asked what's that perfume and that way I learned about Be Delicious phenomenon.

This scent is never ageing, I still see this as favourite on teenagers vanity.

I know, I spray always too much, but the opening is very strong and heavy, intrusive for me.

After a couple of hours, it sittles down, and becomes a nice, girly, but quite synthetic scent, which is good for everydays.


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