Updating your iphone

When a phone is running slow, it's likely due to an issue with its memory.According to Macworld, this Battery Doctor app can show you how fast your phone is running.One easy way to make sure old messages don't clog up your phone is by changing the default amount of time you keep messages: the i Phone offers 30 days, 1 year, and forever.

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To turn it off, navigate to Does your i Phone usually ask if you'd like to join nearby Wi-Fi networks? Any time your phone does anything automatically, such as scouting out nearby Wi-Fi or updating apps, it can slow the phone down.

Turn this off by heading to Settings Again, your phone is a miniature computer, so it should be treated as such.

You can do a lot to secure your i Phone and protect it from possible hackers.

The thirteen tips below will ensure you’ve implemented every safeguard possible; here’s how you can protect your i Phone from hackers, both local and remote.

We use our phones for nearly everything, which is why the slightest bug or glitch can be annoying.

If your i Phone feels like it's running a bit slowly, there's usually a problem that can be easily solved.Also, once you've jailbroken your i Phone you've also voided your warranty, so you won't be able to get help from Apple if something goes wrong with your device.A lot of i Phone users may be skeptical of this advice and for good reason.But if it's a major update, it depends on the phone you're using.Sometimes the hardware in previous models of i Phones simply can't handle the software as well as newer phones.But the first couple of weeks after an i OS release often reveal problems with the update itself.This is why I highly recommend you update i OS regularly on your phone, but not right away.If you have automatic app updates turned on, an app that you've downloaded on your i Pad could automatically begin installing on your i Phone.While useful, it can certainly make your phone a little slower.Two years of everyday use can take a toll on your i Phone, but these tips and tricks should be able to hold you over until your next upgrade.Deleting unnecessary files is another great way to speed up your phone.


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