Updating xbox games to xbox 360

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Our aim with this guide is pretty straightforward - we'll be testing every controller we can get our hands on, updating as new joypads arrive - and seeing how well they work for PC gaming.Aside from the dimples on the sticks wearing away, they play as good today as they did when we first bought them.Of course, the Xbox 360 controller has been replaced now with the Xbox One successor and many believe it offers a superior experience overall - after all, that is what it was specifically designed for.The pad proved its worth across an extended console generation owing to its excellent analogue sticks and well-designed bumpers and triggers, its only real weakness coming in the form of a woefully poor d-pad.The fact that the original design still holds up today demonstrates the extent to which Microsoft's designers got it right back in the day.Additional underside paddles can be remapped to buttons for more intuitive reloads or gear-shifts, and again, the feel of the materials here is unsurpassed.Triggers stops are a nice feature too - reducing the travel and range of the analogue triggers and allowing you to fire more quickly in FPS titles, for example.However, it's still using standard AA batteries for wireless functionality, wired connection is still via an unsubstantial micro-USB connection and the wireless receiver dongle only works on Windows 10.There is another premium price-point option - Razer's Wildcat.No batteries required, no play and charge kits needed, you just attach it via USB and you're good to go.The durability of the pad is also beyond question - we have two examples in the Digital Foundry office bought at launch that are still used daily many years on.


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