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Then, he had me power cycle my Internet Modem (apparently, I also forgot to mention that the problem wasn’t with my Wireless Network, as my notebook connects to it fine).Then, he put me on hold for 5 minutes, and came back on the phone and told me that it’ll need to be sent into HP for warranty service.

If your Notebook is affected by any of these issues, and qualifies, HP will fix it for free (including shipping charges to and from them).

If your warranty is over, they’ll still fix it if it’s within 1 year of the end of your warranty, they’ll also give you a 90-day warranty on the repair.

Please note, that this problem does not affect all notebooks within the model and serial number range.

I think it’s pretty cool of HP to fix affected notebooks even if they’re out of warranty.

There’s also a critical BIOS update that you should do (regardless of if your notebook is affected by these problems or not).

Also, before sending your notebook into HP, be sure to backup all your data, as they’ll probably reset your laptop to the factory state (ie.

So, I tried updating the BIOS to the latest version, and that failed to work too.

I even opened up the HP Wireless Assistant, and even that didn’t see the Adaptor.

all your data and programs gone, Vista fresh, and bloated with bloat-ware).

This actually happened to my sister’s laptop (Compaq Presario v6317ca), on either Friday or Saturday last week, the Wireless Adaptor stopped working.


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