Updating strings into access database

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This example describes how the Access Adapter can be used to import a CSV text file into a MS Access database table.

Now open Flow Heater and click on the menu option "New" to create a new Definition.

In the resulting popup window select for the READ side the Text File Adapter and for the WRITE side the Access Adapter.

All the examples are included in the downloaded ZIP archive of Flow Heater.

The example can be used with Access versions 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) 20.

Now move the mouse over this Pipe so that it is becomes bolder, indicating it is selected, and right mouse click to open the context menu for the Pipe. At your right mouse click position on the Pipe a Clone Heater will be inserted.

Drag the newly inserted Heater further down the design area, stretching the Pipe with it.Close the Configurator popup with OK and click on the Designer command "Automatically connect fields" (circled in red).Your screen should now appear similar to the screenshot on the right.All other settings on this page/tab should remain their defaults.Terminate the popup window with OK and open the Configurator for the WRITE Adapter.Here we can see that Flow Heater has automatically recognized the ID field as an automatic or identification value.Close the window, uncheck the "Test run" option in the Execute and Test popup window and click Start Definition again.This makes some space where we can to insert two more Heaters, to split the combined Postal Code/City string field into two separate string fields as Post Code and City in our MS Access table.Twice drag and drop the Sub String Heater from the string Heaters selection area at the bottom of the Designer page to roughly level with the fields of Postal Code and City on the design area.So first try a test and check the results in this "Test and Execute" window.Leave the "Test run" option checked and click on the "Start Definition" button.


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