Updating status requires the extended permission status update

If you are not sure what application form you should use, use the Application Finder to find out.

Apply for an extended permit before your residence permit expires.

However, they need to read the form instructions prior to filing their forms.

Forms that are filled out completely and accurately alone will be considered by the USCIS.

citizens and non-Green Card holders to work legally in the U. It is a legal work permit that grants the holder of that document, authorization to work in the country.

In some cases, EADs valid for one year are issued by the U. If they fail to renew these documents, they cannot work here legally.If you wish to continue your stay in Finland but your residence permit is going to expire, apply for an extended permit.An extended permit is granted for up to four years.Please notice that the processing of applications and your visit to a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service will take some time.However, do not apply for an extended permit until you have three months left to the expiry date of your residence permit.You may legally reside in Finland during the processing of your application and the possible appeal process.If you receive a negative extended permit decision and a decision on your removal from the country, you must leave Finland.If you have a residence permit for studies, do not apply for an extended permit before you have completed the necessary ECTS credits.Whether you are allowed to work while your application is being processed depends on the grounds on which your previous residence permit was granted to you.Alternatively, you can apply for an extended permit on new grounds.Remember that you need to meet the requirements for the residence permit you apply for.


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