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Our setup guide is here: More information here: May all our adventures in Contact and Calendar management be as fast and robust as the venerable Palm Desktop.The following has been happening to me on two different PC's.

Sync calendars and events Tired of manually updating calendars and events on More... Whether you have a Centro or Treo, The Missing Sync for Palm OS can synchronize your calendars, tasks, notes and contacts plus Word and Excel files, photos, videos and music playlists.The Missing Sync for Palm OS totally replaces Hot Sync Manager.Sync your contacts The Missing Sync for Palm OS synchronizes Entourage and Address Book, so that all of your categories, contact photos, postal, email and IM addresses are in sync. Long ago I was seduced by the fast load time, and the fact that it has everything I need for my daily contact, calendar and task needs. I love to collect quotes that include mixed metaphors.My favorite: “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.” Palm Desktop is licensed to use in conjunction with a Palm Device, so I always keep my venerable Palm Razor close by when I use my computer. Later, Hand Spring renamed themselves Palm (to confuse everyone) and released the Palm Pre, a Palm phone that didn’t run like a Palm phone.Compatibility with the SDHC format could be achieved by a third party vendor add-on.To use the device as an mp3 player, it was generally necessary to use an SD card, as internal memory could not be used to store the associated mp3 files.The Palm TX featured a 312 MHz ARM-based Intel XScale PXA 270 microprocessor; a 320x480 transreflective screen that supported 65,000 colors; 802.11b Wi-Fi with an internal antenna; 128 MB of non-volatile storage, of which 100 MB is user accessible; an SDIO and MMC compatible SD expansion card slot; standard 3.5 mm headphone jack; infrared I/O port; single speaker capable of full audio playback; and an Athena Connector, referred to as a 'Multiconnector,' with separate data and power input. The SD expansion card slot used 2 GB cards directly, and 4 GB capacity was usable if formatted to FAT32 with an included driver.The FAT32 driver was much slower than the FAT16 driver.Prior to its official announcement, a prototype was photographed with palm One branding, labeled the "Tungsten XX," which was in-line with Palm's then-current lineup of higher-end PDAs.The organizer applications received slight improvements. For example, each entry in the Contacts application had nine "Custom" fields, up from four in the T5.


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