Updating nero oem cd burner

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I'mrunning Windows 7, my processor is 2.6GH, 6GB RAM, and a 600GB harddrive.Any information or clues as to why this is happening would bewelcomed.--Submitted by: Ronnie W.

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Unfortunatley the Blu-ray part of the disc drive had obsolete software and would only play regular DVD's and the Lightscribe software has been discontinued so I bought this baby.

It works better than the one that came with the computer.

I have been burning quite a few dvds abd cds over the last 6 months.

Thanks for the submissions Windows Vista x64 - I've either had to uninstall the update and re-install it, or restore back to a previous time and re-install the update, or simply recover the whole operating system from backup.

However, and this is the reason I take off a star, LG released a new firmware update (1.03) which DOES NOT "improve UHD compatibility" as it says, instead it prevents reading of UHD discs and prevents rolling back to earlier firmware.

As long as you leave it at 1.02 (a perfectly good firmware), this will work for everything!I bought this drive to be able to view and edit 4K sized video files stored on a Blu-Ray disk.Due to the size of the 4K video files, a regular DVD drive would not work.They quickly did something--I couldn't tell where/what program/ or if in root and then it started working. Some of the music I tried to copy I have done before with no problem.When I try to burn movies the option to start does not come up.I tried playing a music disk and it wouldn't start. The only one I'm suspect of a program is the utilities one.Apart from that any other program I use looks like its copying but nothing comes up on the disk.Note: This post was edited by its original author to fix typo on 10\/27\/2012 at AM PT","url":"https:\/\/com\/forums\/discussions\/what-s-causing-my-cd-dvd-burner-to-suddenly-stop-working-574917\/","popup Width":780,"popup Height":510,"data":,"scroll To Comments":false}'MIcro Soft update.My DVD burner/reader suddenly stopped burning and playing about 3 weeks ago, or that was when I noticed it.Took it to Micro Center and they immediately said it was from a MS update.They said MS says not so, but I was told it has affected some PCs. I tried a couple of other free programs too but apart from updates and a tune up utilities program nothing else has changed.


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