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In this example i am going to how to Edit update delete multiple records or rows in Gridview with checkboxe to select rows to be edited with delete confirmation using Java Script.In my previous post i explained how to Delete multiple rows in Gridview with checkbox and delete confirmation Javascript In the code behnd i've created a String Builder to store update commands separated by ; for records to be edited.SOLUTION 2 clicks solution By configuring Edit Triggers="Cell Click" property of Grid View Check Box Column the cells will enter edit mode with a single click only.

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To start this tutorial, I am assuming that you have table in your database with one Bit type column such as Approved in the following figure.

I will update the status of this column to True or False according to the state of the checkbox in the Grid View.

1 clicks solution In addition to Edit Triggers="Cell Click" property, you can set the Auto Select On Edit="True" property of the column.

This property will alter the checked state of the checkbox as soon as the cell enters edit mode, thus changing the value on a single click. This could be done in XAML or in code behind when the columns are auto generated: Private Sub grid View_Auto Generating Column(sender As Object, e As Grid View Auto Generating Column Event Args) Dim data Column = Try Cast(e.

Data Transfer Using Cookies Session Variables Cross page posting and Query Strings in ASP.

I have a gridview nested in a datalist which contains a checkbox. Naming Container, Grid View Row) Dim gv As Grid View = gr. I'm sure your solution is what I'm looking for but unfortunately I don't know C#. NET where I need to include checkbox to the gridview and an Update button. On checking the checkbox for a particular row, the update event should trigger and clicking the update button should save the changes. Grid View Design Code is : using System; using System. Sql Client; public partial class _Default : System. In the above code I need to insert checkbox for the gridview and update the items which are checked instead of clicking Edit Button and then Updating At the Event of Update Button Clicked Do these things. In each row, get the Respective Checked Box Check if Checked Box is checked or not If it is checked then retrieve other values from the current row and call ur update method. Page I didnt keep the code for stored procedures of Delete Employee, Employee Update, Get Employee Info. NET Grid View Control provides developers ability to use any type of ASP. Developers are free to use Buttons, Drop Down List, Radio Buttons or any other control according to their application requirement.I have written C# code to update the Gridview without using the checkbox. However, unable to proceed when the checkbox is included. One of the most common control developers uses in the Grid View is Check Box control and if you are creating Administration Panel of any ASP.NET Application you may be required to handle checkbox event to update any back end database table.


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