Updating from windows 98 t

updating from windows 98 t-7
- In device manager I tried updating bluetooth drivers.After the update (and computer restart) bluetooth was missing from device manager.

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- Then went back to device manager and found bluetooth is completely gone.

So I followed steps on microsoft website (4th option down about not appearing in device manager) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14169/windows-10-fix-bluetooth-problems-faq - By showing hidden devices I found things that had bluetooth in the name under USB extensible 3.0 host controller. Some were just the names of the mouse and keyboard, I think one was just generically "bluetooth") I tried right clicking and updating drivers (no luck).

So I used windows troubleshooter as was told no bluetooth device exists on my computer.

When I navigate to bluetooth settings it now says "bluetooth is turned off" under my devices and "can't connect" when I try to add a new device.


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