Updating firmware xbox 360

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There isn't anything included that facilitates any updates to the firmware.

i can confirm that at this current stage microsoft aren't releasing the firmware through PC but at E3 they did say they were planning to bring this option to PC as well.

However, since the Xbox has been out, there had been a number of firmware updates for the controllers.

AFAIK, there's one to be able to use the headset adapter (not a big deal) and one that increases the sensitivity of the sticks (somewhat a big deal).

It seems like it's possible to update the firmware from a Windows PC... You'll need to get the Xbox Accessories app from the Windows Store.

With it installed, if you connect your Xbox One Controller and run the app, you might be presented with an option to "Upgrade Controller" (I forgot the exact wording).currently the only ways to install firmware are shown in this post. Im sorry its not the answer you were looking for, i am in the same boat as you, i am not a console gamer but there are some games that play better with a controller on the pc.It also has those cool retro looks of probably the most famous router ever – the WRT54G, which was released all those years ago.Read our full WRT1900AC review here There are also other Linksys “WRT” routers available. It’s a Tri Band and especially good for client-heavy networks This budget gaming router from D-Link has been around a few years now. Ok, so it’s not got all the latest features (like in-depth Qo S), has basic wireless features (it’s not .11ac), and only has 100Mbps LAN ports…but it is on Open WRT’s list of supported routers, should you want to get your hands dirty and swap out the firmware. Another very popular router, and its been around for quite some time now. As far as I know, it's only possible to get those firmware updates through an actual Xbox One.It just bugs me that I can't get the latest updates.Ok, so we’ve looked at the Netgear Nighthawk, what else is there to consider?The WRT1900AC has DD-WRT available as an option out of the box.I am one of the many who have purchased an Xbox One controller who doesn't actually own an Xbox One.I purchased it with the intent that when the PC drivers came out, I'd use it on my PC.


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