Updating calendar entries in lotus notes

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Actual line feeds in data items are encoded as a backslash followed by the letter n or N (the bytes 5C 6E or 5C 4E in UTF-8).

The i Calendar format is designed to transmit calendar-based data, such as events, and intentionally does not describe what to do with that data.

The body of the i Calendar object (the icalbody) is made up of a list of calendar properties and one or more calendar components.

The calendar properties apply to the entire calendar.

One of the primary reasons I dumped my i Phone and switched to the Nokia N8 is because I believed Nokia phones supported Lotus notes synchronization.

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I was shocked to find that OVISuite hasn't this capability.Dim s As Notes Session Dim db As Notes Database Dim doc As Notes Document Dim view As Notes View Dim coll As Notes Document Collection Dim item As Notes Item Dim Formula As String 'Public symbol is declared in another module: Formula Dim authors() As Variant 'Public symbol is declared in another module: AUTHORS Dim authorlist() As Variant A name declared as Public has already been declared as Public in another loaded module.A name can be declared as Public in only one loaded module at a time. Remove Public from the declaration, or change the Public name so that it does not conflict with the name in the already loaded module.I don't intend to use the Lotus Traveller because our company allows the Traveller only on Blackberrys. There is a running post under the "OVI Suite" topic about this problem.I desperately need the capability to synch my calender even if I do not have the possibility to synch mail. Since nobody seems to have an answer there, I am posting also under the Nseries topic.Simple web servers (using just the HTTP protocol) are often used to distribute i Calendar data about an event and to publish busy times of an individual.Publishers can embed i Calendar data in web pages using h Calendar, a 1:1 microformat representation of i Calendar in semantic (X)HTML.by the Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force, chaired by Anik Ganguly of Open Text Corporation, and was authored by Frank Dawson of Lotus Development Corporation and Derik Stenerson of Microsoft Corporation.i Calendar is heavily based on the earlier v Calendar by the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC).i Calendar data files are plain text files with the extension (for files containing availability information only).RFC 5545 replaced RFC 2445 in September 2009 and now defines the standard.


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