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I have a SOHO router that's about 10 years old and the wireless on it died on me some years back so I disabled it completely and plugged an really good wireless access point into the router.The wired side of things is still working perfectly but as I said, the wireless radio died.Over time, the unit will "stuff up" more and more frequently until it bricks permanently.

Updating the firmware on a Magnavox Blu-Ray player is disk-driven; you must download data and burn it onto a digital storage device, then allow the Blu-Ray player to read it.

Download the latest version of the firmware for your model of Blu-Ray player from the Magnavox website.

Unplugging the ethernet cables was/is a waste of time and changes nothing with regard to how the router boots up.

Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new Blu-ray player model. What you need: We recommend you use the internet to update if you can. You'll download the update to your computer, transfer it to a USB memory device, then transfer it to your Blu-ray player.

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I have issues with my Blu-Ray and ultimately I realized my router was the issue.

The Sony offers integrated Wi-Fi and has the most popular streaming apps, plus the user interface has been improved this year, making it easier to access apps you want than on the other players we tested.

It also leaves off features that most people don’t really need or care about, such as 4K upconversion and 3D playback.

The internal firmware of a Blu-Ray player refers to the digital data structures that facilitate its internal operations.

Firmware allows for the reading of different types of data on disks by the player, the customization of display options, the internal clock and many other processes that frequently go unnoticed.


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